This week: pork belly and sausages

Al Brown crisp eight spice pork bellyWow, pork belly is a popular cut at The Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse, especially when we’ve got it on special.

This week, enjoy your favourite pork belly recipes again and again because we have pork belly on special for just $10.99 a kilo.

Of course pork bellies are wonderful for the delicious slow-cooked options many of us favour for winter meals and it’s so good with European flavours like fennel or Asian seasonings such ginger, lemon grass and chilli.

This crisp eight spice pork belly from star Kiwi chef Al Brown looks absolutely stunning.

Sticky slow-roast belly of porkWith honey and a nice hit of chilli, this sticky slow-roast belly of pork from UK chef James Martin also looks delicious.Slow-roast rolled pork belly

Fancy turning a piece of pork belly into a rolled pork roast? This recipe with fresh thyme and garlic looks like a real crowd-pleaser.



Healthy Food guide quick-cassouletWe also have old English pork sausages on special this week. Our regular ‘special’ price of $11.99 per kilo means a meal of traditional, hand-made sausages from The Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse Wanaka is both affordable and delicious.

While it’s pretty hard to beat good ol’ sausages and mash, we’re going to try this economical, healthy and tasty looking dinner from Healthy Food Guide – a quick chicken and pork sausage cassoulet. With beans and vege already in it, you’ve almost got a one-dish dinner.

Happy cooking, folks!


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