Weekly specials: the traditional taste of hogget and mutton

A number of people have asked us about providing hogget and mutton meat cuts at The Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse – it’s not that they don’t like lamb, but there is something about the traditional taste and depth of flavour of these cuts, isn’t there?

Mutton packWe’re happy to say that Bruce has been buying in fresh, top quality hogget and mutton carcasses for a while now and this week he’s even put them on special.

Check out our sharply-priced $25 mutton pack which includes a roast and chops.

Hoggest chopsWe also have hogget chops for just $9.95 per kilo.

And for something a bit different, try our Italian Casalinga sausages for just $11.95 per kilo. These are made of pork with a touch of beef and a lovely spice mix that includes fennel. Yum!


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