Thanks to our team member Mel Wallis for these tips to make the most of the wild venison leg steaks that we source from Alpine Deer in Wanaka.

Wild venison
Venison leg steaks sourced from Alpine Deer

To cook the venison leg steaks:

  • Get your venison leg steaks out of their packaging and out of the fridge a good 30 min before you’re ready to cook
  • Bring a skillet, griddle pan or BBQ to a high heat
  • Drizzle the venison lightly with olive oil and season with salt and pepper
  • Cook approx. 2.5 minutes a side, based on a 180-200g steak, to achieve a beautiful medium rare cook
  • Remove from the heat to rest on a warm plate loosely covered with foil while you finish your vegetable and sauce/gravy/jus accompaniments
  • Enjoy this premium cut of wild venison sourced from Alpine Deer

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