We are proud to source our fresh pork from Freedom Farms who supply free-farmed pork from selected New Zealand pig farmers. Their quality pork assures you of paddock-to-plate traceability.

We utilise Freedom Farms’ quality pork for all our fresh pork cuts and handcrafted pork products made at the Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse, such as sausages, bacon and ham.

All their pigs are born and raised in New Zealand using free-farmed methods by farmers who are independently audited to meet Freedom Farms’ animal welfare standards.

The team at Freedom Farms believe that everyone who eats meat has a responsibility to ensure they know how and where the animals have been farmed. Their farmers raise pigs in an environment that allows them to display their natural behaviours.

When they say ‘Farmed the Freedom Way’ it’s also about saying no to growth hormones, controlling the use of antibiotics, trying to farm more sustainably and improving the quality of the meat we produce.

A WEE REMINDER: All handcrafted pork products you buy from the Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse are made by us, right here, at the butchery. Our supplier, Freedom Farms, has their own range of ham, bacon and sausage products – but we sell only our own handcrafted pork products (no offence to theirs, but we think ours are better 🙂

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