Our passion for quality meat and our understanding of recreationally-hunted game animals are what really set The Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse apart when it comes to looking after the specific needs of local hunters.

We love talking about the best cuts and manufactured products to suit your preferences and the available meat on your game animal, so feel free to ask us any questions when you’re ready to make a booking.

You’ll find the cuts and manufactured product options and pricing on the relevant meat cutting forms via the red boxes below.


It’s hugely helpful to call ahead when you’re dropping off game animal in carcass form or substantial quantities of trim.

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Game meat cutting forms for The Butcher's Block and Smokehouse

Central Otago duck hunters!

Turn your meaty duck breasts into fantastic salami!

Ideal if you have some venison trim in the freezer to use up.

We’re happy to help with other ideas for duck meat.

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