How to get your game animal to us in good condition

  • All game animals brought into the Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse in CARCASS FORM must have the head, feet, skin and innards removed.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the carcass is free of hair, faeces and flies.
  • Chill the carcass as quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce the risk of bone taint.
  • Any meat you have taken off the carcass yourself, as trim, should be kept wrapped/contained and chilled before drop-off.
  • Before drop-off, please call ahead on (03) 443-5017 so we can meet you at the side door and weigh in your carcass or trim.
  • Download and complete the relevant meat cutting form to bring in with your animal. Alternatively, we can go through this with you during drop-off.

Call ahead!

Wherever possible, please call ahead when you have a game animal carcass to drop-off.

Also call ahead when you’re dropping off large quantities of trim so we can offer you the best possible service and meat quality.

Our processing schedule is often very busy and we don’t like turning away customers who haven’t talked to us before arriving at the shop with carcass or large quantities of trim.

Call us on (03) 443-5017 during business hours, or text Adam on 022 126 4407.

Find the meat cutting forms

Privacy Policy

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