Enjoy the most popular cuts of venison, tahr, goat and chamois and tasty smallgoods made on-site by The Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse team.

The homekill and hunted venison butchery processing fee is based on the type of animal, plus any additional charges for specific cuts as well as the per kilo prices for your selected smallgoods. 

Download the venison, tahr and chamois cutting form as a Word document or a PDF file which provides full details of the meat cuts, pack sizes, smallgoods options and pricing.

Meat cut choices

  • Chops
  • Racks
  • Roasts (bone in)
  • Roasts (boned and rolled)
  • Backstraps
  • Leg steaks
  • Diced meat
  • Mince


Please note each smallgoods option and each flavour of sausage requires a minimum of 5kg of meat.

GF = gluten free

  • Salami (GF) – $12.95 each
  • Biersticks (GF) – $13.50/kg
  • Sausages – plain $6.50/kg, flavoured $8.00/kg, allergy-friendly $7.50/kg
  • Saveloys – $7.50/kg
  • Hamburger patties (GF) – $7.50/kg

Sausage & Salami Flavours

The sausage flavours available for venison, thar and chamois are:

  • Plain
  • Plain allergy-friendly (GF and preservative-free)
  • Garlic
  • Nicy spicy
  • Sweet chilli plum (GF)
  • Sun dried tomato (GF)
  • Tomato & basil (GF)
  • Tomato & onion (GF)
  • Merlot & cracked pepper (GF)

The salami flavours (all GF) are:

  • Pepperoni
  • Garlic
  • Hot