Central Otago farms and lifestyle blocks produce some prime lambs and hoggets. We get to homekill and process a few mutton too, for those who appreciate just how good a roast of mutton can be.

Talk to us about the various options you might like to try with your next group of homekill sheep. They’re delicious turned into salami, biersticks and hamburger patties. What about lamb bacon?

Choose your favourites from the sausage, salami and bierstick flavours document (button below).

Look through the lamb cuts and manufactured options on the lamb cutting form (see buttons below).

We’re here to help you complete the form to ensure you receive the cuts of lamb, hogget or mutton, manufactured goods and pack sizes that are most useful in your household.

PLEASE NOTE: Each option and flavour of manufactured goods that you choose requires a minimum of 5kg of meat. You will need at least 5 lambs to make a small quantity of sausages if you use only the trim and neck chops. Include some shoulder or leg cuts if you have less than 5 lambs in one order.


The lamb cutting form shows our current pricing, including GST, for the processing fees per kg, and manufactured goods.