News: Expanded homekill services

The Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse has expanded homekill services we make available to customers around Wanaka and the wider Central Otago region with the addition of a homekill slaughter service.Bruce Jeff homekill trailer

Hundreds of customers have had their homekill animals and recreational hunted game turned into prime meat cuts and hand-made smallgoods since Wanaka’s only dedicated butcher’s shop secured their Dual Processors’ Licence from the Ministry of Primary Industries in April this year.

“Many customers are returning for the third and fourth time with meat from animals they’ve dispatched themselves,” says managing director Bruce Scott. “Now, with our purpose-built trailer, we can go out to customers’ farms and complete the humane, stress-free slaughter of the animals for them.”

Bruce will be handling the homekill slaughtering himself for the time being, taking one day a week away from the Reece Crescent butchery to complete this service for customers.

A licensed slaughterman, Bruce has more than 20 years’ experience in this role and it’s Bruce’s farm-to-meat homekill slaughter and butchery services at his previous butchery in Helensville, north of Auckland, that introduced him to business partner Jeff Smith who used Bruce to process the lambs Jeff raised on his Kaukapakapa lifestyle block. Bruce has passed on his smallgoods processing experience from 30-plus years as a top-class butcher to Jeff, who now manages the smallgoods processing side of The Butcher’s Block operation, producing hundreds of kilos of sausages, bacon, salami and other smallgoods each week for both the shop and homekill customers.

Bruce utilised businesses around Central Otago to have the custom-built homekill trailer constructed to his specifications. “We’re delighted with the service and the quality of workmanship from Central Custom Engineering in Alexandra for the trailer; Central Lakes Engineering in Wanaka have also built several components and we used Pukka for the very striking sign-writing.”

Bruce says bookings for the new homekill slaughtering service were coming in before the trailer was even on the road.

“It’s been such a great spring so lots of farmers have lambs, cattle and pigs in great condition ready to turn into prime meat cuts and delicious smallgoods over the coming weeks.”

Those interested in finding out more about the homekill services offered by The Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse are invited to call on 443 5017 or email for more information. Details are also available on the homekill services webpage.

Bruce expects customers will soon need to book at least four weeks in advance to be assured of their preferred timing.