Organic beef and lambWe are delighted to be able to offer you prime organic-certified beef and lamb from Wash Creek Organics in North Canterbury.

These premium New Zealand organic meats can be packaged for home delivery via our online store or are readily available to our valued local customers who value paddock-to-plate traceability and certified organic beef and lamb.

Here’s some background on Wash Creek Organics for you.

Wash Creek is an organic beef and sheep farm located on the Hurunui Hills of North Canterbury. Our animals are free to roam the hills, eat organically grown forage, and are always treated humanely. This gives our meat outstanding colour, flavour and texture. Wash Creek uses eco-friendly techniques of rotational grazing with fruit salad pastures of chicory, clovers, lucerne and plantain to produce the finest organic lean meats with exquisite marbling for exclusive international markets.

As well as producing lamb and beef, we also grow organic crops of wheat, barley, oats and linseed.


Our stock are Wiltshire-cross sheep which are naturally strong, fertile sheep who self-shed their wool naturally every year. While sometimes it looks untidy, it means that lice can’t gain a purchase on their skin, and dags do not persist, allowing our sheep to be resistant to fly strike. Wash Creek runs an elite stud, testing and recording the performance of the rams in order to produce the fastest growing and tastiest lambs. We measure several attributes to select only the most resilient ewes, who can thrive without drenches and medication. 


Our cattle are a mix of English beef breeds, predominantly Angus and Hereford, selected for the quality of their meat, with the emphasis on marbling. The flecks of intramuscular fat make the meat juicy and flavoursome. Wash Creek’s breeding herd mainly graze on our hill pastures, where the cows help create quality pasture and provide clean grazing for our sheep flock. All the beef grazing is complementary to our sheep because they eat a different length of leaf and they are susceptible to different species of worms. Over winter they will eat hay, baleage, grass and feed crops. Slowly they will develop, over about 18 months to two years, until they reach prime condition.

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