On special: smoked shoulder bacon; beef hamburger patties

beef hamburgerWe have two more great specials, both made right here in Wanaka. Free range, honey-cured and Manuka-smoked shoulder bacon, just $10 per 500gm pack! Beef hamburger patties made with our own special flavourings, just $11.99 per kg (free-flow frozen).

Bacon is fantastic in a whole range of delicious winter meals – bacon and mushroom pie, bacon and pumpkin risotto or pasta, bacon and vegetable soup, bacon and egg pie – the list goes on! The great thing about shoulder bacon is it’s more economical and therefore perfect to cut up for any of these recipes. Why buy streaky bacon, which is more expensive, when you’re just going to cut it anyway and the flavour in shoulder bacon is every bit as good?

pumpkin-pasta-with-baconWe source the pork for this week’s shoulder bacon from free range pork producer Apple Tree Farms in Canterbury.

As if you need any inspiration for dinner ideas using bacon! But just in case, here are some of our favs:

Also on special this week, our hand-made beef hamburger patties, just $11.99 per kilo. Seasoned with our special hamburger mix, they make a simply fantastic home-made burger with some oven-baked chips.

salisbury-steak-onion-gravyAnother economical idea for a meal with our great beef hamburger is this one from Martha Stewart – Salisbury steak with onion gravy – simply skip step #2 of making the beef patties

Specials valid from Monday 1 August to Saturday 6 August 2016.