Two great specials – lamb leg chops and 100% beef sausages

From Monday 21 March to Sunday 27 March, we have two excellent mainstay meat cuts on special…

Lamb leg chops

Fresh lamb leg chops

Lamb leg chops are just $12.99 per kilo this week. Essentially leg steaks with the bone in, Beef & Lamb NZ has a good explanation of how the lamb leg chops come from the middle of the leg, saying they’re best for slow, moist cooking methods. They also have some excellent tips on slow cooking, including how to adapt a regular recipe for your slow cooker.

Here’s a nice, simple recipe for slow cooked Indian spiced lamb chops or check out this one from Delia Smith who bakes her lamb chops in the oven with an onion rosemary sauce.

Beef sausages

100% beef sausages

This week, we also have 100% beef sausages on special for just $10.99 per kilo.

Made on-site by our busy butchery team, these sausages came third in the national sausage competition with Bruce’s previous butchery.

Have you thought about deconstructing the sausages to create homemade sausage rolls? Here’s a homemade beef sausage roll recipe from over the ditch.

What about teaching the kids to cook their own sausages? Jamie Oliver’s home cooking skills website covers these basics really well.  Just remember to prick the skins of our fresh sausages well and cook slowly to prevent them bursting out of their skins.



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