Versatile beef mince and lamb leg steaks

When it comes to the array of dinners you can make from beef steak mince and lamb leg steaks, they’re both very versatile cuts of fresh meat.

For the week 31 October to 5 November 2016, we have beef steak mince on special for $10.99/kg (saving you $4/kg) and lamb leg steaks for just $19.99/kg (saving you $6/kg), so make the most of the specials to enjoy some fantastic fresh meal options.

Minty lambThis minty yogurt lamb with nutty couscous is a lovely summery recipe that’s budget-friendly too, because you can make a relatively small amount of lamb go a long way – and even better when the lamb leg steaks are on special too.


How about some wraps with nicely-spiced lamb? These Mexican lamb wraps with guacamole and sour cream look delicious!


Lamb leg steaks to make pilafDo you like the flavours of curry but prefer something lighter in this spring weather? This spiced lamb pilaf makes a great one-pot dinner and could easily be adapted to utilise the curry-ish spices of your choice. Jeff’s wife Kate, for example, would add some garlic, ground coriander and a few chilli flakes, but not caradamom as she doesn’t like it.

Lamb leg steaksThe combination of seared lamb leg steaks and crispy, oven-baked potato cakes is hard to beat.

Beef minceThe NZ Woman’s Weekly 10 favourite ways with beef mince include potato and mince bake, tomato and mince pies, and beef chilli con carne cups. Have a look!


Who’s into meat loaf? This Parmesan meat loaf looks delicious!parmesan-beef-meat-loaf_300