Weekly specials 9-14 May: Rump steak, merlot and cracked pepper beef sausages

Slow cooked rump steak

Slow cooked rump steak from the Real Food Pledge blog

On special this week for just $14.99 / kg, fresh beef rump steak is an incredibly versatile cut, isn’t it?

This slow cooked rump steak looks easy and delicious. Or try this balsamic beef and pepper stew which uses butternut pumpkin.

Of course, rump steak is also great cooked as a steak or in a tasty Asian beef stir-fry like the one from Chelsea Winter below.

Also on special this week, our yummy merlot and cracked pepper beef sausages which are just $11.99 / kg.

See you in the store again soon!

Tasty Asian beef stir fry

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