Weekly specials: Lamb, lamb and more LAMB!

It’s LAMB week at The Butcher’s Block and Smokehouse with four fantastic lamb specials!

  • Our delicious handmade lamb and mint sausages, just $11.99/kg
  • Succulent lamb shoulder roasts, just $10.99/kg
  • Lamb shoulder chops – brilliant in the slow cooker, also only $10.99/kg
  • Succulent lamb midloin chops – perfect cooked under the grill with creamy potato mash, only $14.99/kg

And we love have a browse online to find some great-looking recipes to make dinner with our weekly special meat cuts. We hope you’ve enjoyed making some of them too.

French lamb stewHow about Chelsea Winter’s French-style lamb stew? Easy to make with our lamb shoulder chops in the oven or the slow cooker.




Lamb rogan josh curryJamie Oliver makes a wicked lamb rogan josh curry with diced lamb shoulder.





braised lambHere’s a braised lamb shoulder with classic rosemary and thyme flavourings which would be fantastic to make at the weekend so you can enjoy the hot meal one night and use the delicious pulled lamb for sandwiches or filled rolls for the next day or two. Yum!



Of course, we’ve got plenty of yummy fresh beef, pork and chicken options in-store too, as well as all our made-onsite bacon, sausages, salami and biersticks, ham and bacon hocks for delicious soups and more.

See you in the shop at 33 Reece Crescent again soon!

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