Weekly specials: pork belly, mutton packs and old English pork sausages

Our specials for the week Monday 13 June to Saturday 18 June are pork belly, whole or sliced, $12.99/kg; mutton packs, normally $25, only $22.50 this week and old English pork sausages on special for $11.99/kg.

Jamie's pork belly roastPork belly is one of those cuts that many people automatically order whenever they see it on a restaurant menu, but it’s not difficult to cook at home, especially when you’re inspired by so many great-looking recipes from some of our favourite chefs – here’s a selection to save you the googling.

Chelsea Winter’s super simple, slow-cooked pork belly

Jamie Oliver’s pork belly roast (pictured)

Annabel Langbein’s crispy pork belly

And using our pork belly slices, how about these pork belly strips in barbecue sauce from Delia?


Mutton pack

Also on special these week are our very popular mutton packs which contain a large roast and chops – just $22.50 per pack. Some fantastic eating in one of these mutton packs!

And our special sausage of the week is old English pork, just $11.99 per kilo. Great value!

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