Weekly specials: pork shoulder roasts; corned beef

This week we have free range pork shoulder roasts (bone-in) and corned beef (or corned silverside) both on special for just $9.99 per kilo, making fantastic value eating for the whole family.

Roast pork shoulderIt’s surprisingly easy to make a great pork roast with delicious crackling. Check out the excellent tips from Food In A Minute and Simon Gault.

Trust Jamie Oliver to come up with a really good, yet simple recipe for slow roast pork shoulder. Oh my, this looks good!


Shredded pork tacosOf course, pork shoulder is an excellent cut of pork for other things like pulled pork (or shredded pork). How about these shredded pork tacos? With a little prep work putting the pork on to cook ahead of time – either on the stove or in the slow cooker – you’ve got masses of succulent pork meat for the tacos one night and more to freeze for another meal.



On to the corned beef that’s also on special this week.Corned-Beef-Turnovers

This slow cooker corned beef is a favourite here and keeps the meat deliciously tender and succulent.

Corned beef can be used in these beef hash cakes from Jamie Oliver.

How about this batch of great ideas for what to do with leftover corned beef? These corned beef and cabbage turnovers look really good!